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Softonic Developer Hub - How to start

With our new tool Softonic Developer Hub, it is easy to publish new software or to create versions of the programs already exisiting in our catalog.
In this article we will show you step by step how to start using Softonic Developer Hub for the first time.

To get started please visit the following link:

Even if you had an account in our previous platform for developers, Softonic Developer Center, you need to sign up with your developer name and address. Click on the "Sign up" button and follow the steps.

Once you fill in all the requested fields, please click on "Submit" button. You will then receive an email in your inbox inviting you to confirm your account. After clicking on the email to verify your account in SDH (Softonic Developer Hub) you will see the "Developer Setup" screen as follows:

In the field "Business name" type the Business Name which will be your Developer id name. After typing it, you will receive possible matches. Please go through each of them as those exisiting ids have already assigned programs to each account. Choose the one that belonged to you in the past or insert the new one if it doesn't appear on the list.

See the example "Softonic" below:

Once you have chosen the Developer id, click on "Submit". The following message on the screen will appear:

The reviewer will get you request to confirm the account association and after accepting it, you will get a notification in your inbox so that you can start using SDH. Once you'll get your account approved you can access the tool and you will see the basic panel - "Your programs" as shown on the following screenshot:

Here you can revise the status of your existing programs. If you have registered with the same developer id as in Softonic Developer Center, you should have all your existing programs assigned to your account. If by any chance your program don't appear you can claim ownership of those using the "Claim Ownership" button.

To do so, click on the loupe button on the left handside of the panel:

Type the program name you want to claim and click on "Search":

Then click on the "Claim Ownership" button to claim ownership of your program:

You will see the following message:

Once you click on "Claim Ownership", the reviewer will receive your request for ownership and the following screen will be shown:

Now you just need to wait for the reviewer to accept the request. Once the request is accepted, you will get the program in your panel and will be able to update the version to the recent one.
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