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How to add new program via Softonic Developer Hub

With Softonic Developer Hub it is easy to add your new software.
In this article we will show you how to do this is in a few simple steps.
Type in your browser.

Log in with your credentials.

After logging in, you will see your program panel. 

Click on “Upload a new program”

Here you have the option to add either a desktop software or a webapp. So far there is no option to add mobile apps through Softonic Developer Hub.

In order to add new program you need to have a valid PAD file.  We recommend you to visit the official Pad repository here: to get to know more about the Pad specification.

Once in the screen "Add a program" you need to choose either Desktop or Webapp. Select the Pad file you want to upload by clicking on the “Upload pad file” and choose the file you want to add. Once uploaded click on “Continue”.

The second step is the "Upload program file" when you can either specify URL from which the program will be automatically downloaded or upload the program file which will be available for download from our website. Once you've done so, please click on "Continue" to pass on to the last step, "Review and send".

The third step is “Review and send”. After uploading all the info you will receive the message: “Here you can review your program and PAD file to make sure everything is correct”

If everything is ok, click on “Confirm”. You will get the following message:

The program you have added is now waiting to be checked by the reviewer.
You will receive a message confirming the submission of your program:

If everything is correct it will be approved. If not you will get a message with the reasons of why it was rejected.

If you need further doubts or questions to the process please contact support.
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